So…what benefits can I get from RFID-enabled hotel linen management?

Internet of Things – Business Intelligence – Real Management


The RFID technology is considered to be a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT). With KTS-RFID, Kromatic has brought the IoT in hotel linen management and laundry services.

During the past few months, we have tried to show you what incredible changes RFID brings to hotel linen management in your hotel business. Here is a quick overview you should definitely keep in mind if you want to ease your job, improve your ROI and focus on growing your profits, not on endlessly counting linen and uselessly investing in it:


RFID answers the big questions in hotel linen management and solves many problems that are generating hidden costs for hotels, ultimately leading to a laundry service cost which is much higher than you initially expected.
No more human errors, minimum time and effort from operational staff, full transparency between hotel and launderer.
RFID offers reporting transparency, web-based information in various real time reports with comprehensive information. Your textile articles’ active inventory, location, security, usage level and rotation – among other – are just one click away!
Probably the only security system that can currently eliminate or control the losses of hotel linen. It’s saving you good money – up to 20.000/year for a medium size, 4-star hotel!

In both the laundry and the hotel industry, linen are assets and assets require investment and stock management. Investment planning and decision-making should be based on real data and economic calculations. RFID offers real linen data. Plus, reducing stocks will increase your ROI.

We all talk about sustainability, it’s a nice word, we like the idea. But how do we measure it? In linen management and laundry services, RFID is the tool that measures it and generates valuable reports to prove it.

From a technological point of view, RFID brings you data. Data means Business Intelligence. Thus, if put into the proper hands, RFID-laundry management becomes a practical and valuable tool for hotel linen management … potentially invaluable!

Just think about it…no more counting the linen you send to the laundry, no more arguing with the employees about wrong inventory data…having all the necessary data just one click away on the KTS REPORTS platform…

It is all available for you through Kromatic – contact us now for an offer: 0368 006

As a laundry company we are calling RFID in many ways, ways we have presented to you in the past few months. As a hotel, you may call it simply – the freedom to focus on your main business.

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