Historical Romanian steps on Himalayan “Peak 5”

Congratulations to the amazing Romanian climbers Zsolt Torok and Vlad Capusan! 

They are the first people to ever set foot on the Himalayan “Peak 5”.

We are glad we’ve been able to support this incredibly ambitious team to reach their goal and take the Romanian flag to such amazing heights, reaching 6,374m.

It took the team three weeks to acclimatize and prepare for the challenge offered by the highest mountains in the world. Their climb was very technical and they were the only climbers whose attempt to reach Peak 5 was successful, due to their thorough preparation, training and passion.

Attempts to scale this beautiful mountain had been abandoned seven times before.said 43-year-old Torok.

Zsolt Torok and Kromatic in Himalaya

Their historical ascent was made thru almost inhumane conditions: -30 degrees, 150km/h winds, rain and snow, barely feeling their fingers and without any sherpa to guide them. The two Romanians had the skills to find their way, even if the route map they were provided was faulty.


Given the passion that kept them going, the two climbers named their route “Romanian Flame”. The proof that Romanians have powerful ambitions, are perseverant and have an everlasting passion flame.

Now Mr. Torok and Mr. Capusan will have the well-deserved privilege of also naming the peak and we are lucky that they are sharing the glory with us all.

We at Kromatic laundry have believed in the team and have offered our support as a symbol that we believe in Romanians and in their dreams. After all, this is also how Kromatic developed into the first smart laundry in Europe, led by vision and passion for innovation.  

See more amazing photos here: https://www.facebook.com/zsolt.torok.75.


With kind regards,

The enthusiastic Kromatic team.

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