Salesianer Miettex invests in county Brașov thus covering 80% of Romania’s territory

After 10 years of presence on the Romanian market, the Austrian company Salesianer Miettex, a leader in the washroom hygiene sector in Central and Eastern Europe, acquires the SC Promar Textil SRL limited liability trading company in Braşov and its Kromatic brand. Salesianer operates its business in the field of professional laundry services and textile rentals for the medical, HoReCa and industrial areas.

The investment amounts to over 5 million EUR and is part and parcel of the strategic development plan of the company for covering at a national level Romania’s territory with its services. In 2007, the company entered on the Romanian market by inaugurating its laundry facility in Bucharest, and in 2014, the company launched a new factory in the Western part of the country, in Oradea.

Now, as a result of a long period of negotiations, the acquisition in county Braşov is successfully concluded and through this step, Salesianer Miettex is in a position to directly cover with its services the Braşov (BV), Prahova (PH), Sibiu (SB), Harghita (HR), Covasna (CV) and Mureş (MS) counties.

“Actually, through the new acquisition, we increase our capacity approximately 25% and cover 80% of the territory of the country, being able to develop synergies at a local however also at an international level with other countries within the group through the instrumentality of the RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. This technology enables an automatic and unique identification of textile articles due to electronic RFID labels and offers various data concerning the textile articles traceability. In all these counties (BV, PH, SB, CV, MS) Salesianer Miettex has already got customers for its deliveries however subsequently to this acquisition logistics can be optimized by integrating the already available customers and contracting new ones.”

– stated Ec. Adrian CHIOREAN,
General Director for Romania of the Salesianer Miettex company.

After the acquisition, Salesianer Miettex will have 300 employees in Romania, out of which about 90 persons are going to work in Braşov. For the laundry in Braşov, the Austrian company intends to improve the process flow, where SC Promar Textil SRL made a major investment in 2014.

Also, the MORARU family, i.e. the former owners of the Kromatic brand, expressed their wish to collaborate with Salesianer Miettex, having planned to carry out together new research and development projects in the RFID field, and not only.

“In 2014, when we finalized the investment in Oradea, our turnover was 4.5 mil EUR. Before the acquisition in Braşov, our turnover was in the amount of 7.3 mil EUR, and now, including the factory in Braşov, it will rise to 10 mil EUR. Our estimates show that we are going to have 11.5 mil EUR by end-2018“

– added Ec. Adrian CHIOREAN to his statement.

Salesianer Miettex washes now in Romania 25 tons of textiles/ day and in Braşov 8 tons/ day, i.e. an overall quantity of 33 tons/day, which means approximatively 2,300-2,500 kg/hour (this is equivalent to the capacity of over 6,500 household washing machines per day!)

At a European level, Salesianer Miettex hygienizes 510 tons of textiles / day in 9 countries and has over 3,300 employees and over 30,000 customers.

In Romania, the Austrian company has customers in the hotels area (Hotel Radisson, Hotel Novotel, Garden Inn by Hilton, Hotel President Oradea, Double Tree by Hilton Cluj, Mercure Sighișoara); in the industrial area (Marquardt, Swoboda Hartman, Porsche in the automotive industry; Aaylex, owner of the Coco Rico, Agricola Bacău, Heidi Chocolat trademarks in the food industry; Infomed Fluids, Actavis in the pharmaceutical industry) and in the medical area, several private and state-owned hospitals (Matei Balş Hospital, Filantropia Maternity, Sanador, Medicover, County Hospital Timişoara, County Hospital Oradea, Municipal Hospital Oradea).

About Salesianer Miettex:

SALESIANER MIETTEX represents the progress in textile management. Set up as a family enterprise as early as in 1916, the company offers a solid base in customized solutions for textile rentals. The main activity of the company is delivering a full range of services related to the rental of textile articles for hotels and restaurants, workwear for industry and commerce, as well as delivering textile articles for the health-care field. On top of this, textiles for CLEANROOMS, products for washroom hygiene, and dust control mats and graphic mat are offered, as well. A clear commitment to quality, hygiene and sustainability, as well as investments in the latest technology and in qualified staff, have ensured its dominant position on the market.

SALESIANER MIETTEX extends hygiene guarantee in almost all fields of its trade.

First, hospitals and health care establishments have been endowed, but later on this turned out to be applicable to the entire textile management. SALESIANER MIETTEX meets the requirements and the standards set out for laundries which process textiles for hospitals. The same standards are met in terms of textiles for hotels, restaurants and workwear in industrial facilities. 

Hygiene is a preoccupation of an utmost importance. Outsourcing textile logistics proved to be an efficient method for textile management. This is more than hygiene. Extensive hygiene is absolutely necessary for the protection against microbes and pathogens. Earlier, it was customary for hotels and restaurants to deal with textiles in their own laundries. Acknowledged hygiene experts, for instance Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter ZASTROW at the Hygiene and Ecological Medicine Institute in Berlin, warns: „Several companies have a false impression when it comes to hygiene, namely that it can be achieved by washing in 7.5 kg machines at 30°C. Germs cannot be removed in this way and implicitly, textiles become a source of microbes”. Standardized professional methods can practically be accomplished only by outsourcing to specialists. SALESIANER MIETTEX makes textile management economically attractive.


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