SMART LOGISTICS OPERATIONS in the workwear rental and laundry service

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Understanding the lifecycle of a workwear rental and maintenance service will give you a superior value for the money you spend on it.

We have explained why Consultancy, Measurement, Stock planning & Production are essential dimensions of this life cycle. But let’s see why Kromatic’s smart logistics operations system is crucial.

Have you ever experienced… Workwear items being mixed up between different employees because of a poor clean delivery management, with items placed into the wrong lockers?

At Kromatic we take full control and responsibility of the delivery process, so you can focus on your business – we offer free lockers for enabling our smart logistics system, for a complete control of both distribution and collection of workwear items. No need for the Client to allocate a dedicated person or team to check reception and handover. This is no longer a headache for you.  

We work with our own vans for collection and distribution, with GPS enabled fleet management for route optimization – your delivery will be on time and the cost will be highly efficient.


What happens with your workwear in our laundry?

We are performing a quality check of each individual item to ensure it complies with our quality standard – this works very quickly for us due to KTS, our highly performant tracking system. In case something is not in order, we fix it on the spot so that your delivery is timely and complete.

With a unique barcode enabled identification of each item, KTS offers you full transparency and real time information about your workwear stock via our web platform. Undepreciated value of the rented equipment, location and traceability, are some of the features our system offers you.

KTS is part of our logistics management system – based on the data and reports it delivers, we are able to optimize our logistics operations, thus being able to maintain a very competitive cost and to offer our clients attractive prices.

As a laundry company we call this SMART LOGISTICS OPERATIONS, as offering a flawless collection-delivery process means better value for your money. As an industrial user, you may call it simply – the freedom to focus on your business.


Stay close to learn what you should look out for and what you should consider in other components of a full workwear service: first workwear delivery, personal customer service & online web reporting


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