Superior SUSTAINABILITY in hotel linen management with RFID

Kromatic's general managerAurelian Moraru, Kromatic’s general manager

Sustainability is already a topic of great interest in the hospitality industry, at international level. We are constantly meeting hotel managers and management executives and even if everyone is interested in this topic, it is always difficult to measure how sustainable a business truly is.

But what if you could have such a tool at your disposal? What if RFID empowered superior sustainability in hotel linen management, with tangible results? Well… it does!

When it comes to linen management, sustainability has a few clear dimensions: the lifetime of the textile items, the laundry processes (along with their specific consumptions) and the volume of textile waste, behind every single clean textile item used in your hotel rooms.

As international statistics and our own direct experience show, the lifetime of the linen stock is typically underexploited by approximately 25%. This means you throw away even a quarter of the textiles’ life!

So 1 in 4 linen stock investments you make is a total waste of your money…


This happens due to lacking a tool to monitor and control both the usage level (wash counts) and the uniform usage of the linen stock. RFID is that tool. As we presented in some of our previous newsletters, RFID enables full reporting transparency and tracking of all textile items. These benefits translate into a significant extension of the linen lifetime – given that you cannot monitor the wash count without the RFID tool, you won’t be able to use your linen stock in a uniform manner –> you won’t benefit from the textiles’ whole potential. As statistics show, from 150 washing cycles for one bed sheet, you are currently using 100. That means you throw away about 30% of your investment!

Thus, RFID becomes synonym with less textile waste and less investment in linen stock, which ultimately means superior sustainability.


But what about the washing processes of your hotel textiles, which normally involve a significant consumption of water, energy, detergent, etc.?

A fully RFID integrated laundry unit, like Kromatic, is able to perform all the laundry processes from washing, to drying or finishing, at full capacity. In this way, we don’t waste even a drop of water and energy.


“It is our duty to protect the environment, even if this calls for certain sacrifices. We will always be open to implementing innovative eco-friendly technology in our unit.” Aurelian Moraru, Kromatic’s general manager states.


In this quest for sustainability, Kromatic invests a lot of time and passion in R&D – efforts recognized by Innovation Norway within the “Green Industry Innovation” funding programme, awarded for two major projects for a “greener” laundry management. The latest one for professional uniforms reduces the energy consumption by 80%!

Therefore, the reduction of our costs is based on solid grounds and creates perspectives for long-term relationships with our clients.


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