What is RFID laundry management? Do we really need it in our hotels?

The traditional laundry system

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – the future of laundry management is here.

The usual laundry service model is struggling with several problems, many of them shared by both hotel and laundry service supplier:

  • human errors despite staff’s best efforts with reception, delivery and internal textile counting;
  • limited control over the textile items and over the entire laundry service process;
  • highly difficult inventory activity;
  • no real quality indicator for the laundry service, resulting in a low quality of this service;
  • lack of transparency & speed when reporting to the client;
  • losses of textile items.

All these problems are generating hidden costs for hotels, ultimately leading to a laundry service cost which is higher than initially planned.

Fighting all these problems, we have learnt a lesson: it’s all about the identity of the textile items. RFID now makes it possible to go from BULK textiles to IDENTITY textiles.

From basic to smart textiles /w RFID


With radio frequency microchips, we are giving identity to textiles. Thus, each textile is brought to life and, with a specific hardware & software infrastructure, its lifecycle can be controlled and, subsequently, prolonged.

Based on the RFID technology, we have developed KTS RFID, a unique laundry management system, driver for business intelligence available to both the final client and to us as a supplier. The system brings a wide range of benefits, ultimately leading to a highly competitive cost of service:

  • Operational efficiency in the key phases of the value chain between the client and the laundry unit;
  • Valuable management tool for both client and supplier – real integrated management of textile items, relevant reports tailored for all needs;
  • Reporting transparencylive web platform on which we share all our information with the clients;
  • Security – elimination of losses across the entire value chain;
  • Sustainability – superior environmental performance in the linen management;
  • Superior Return on Investment – textiles represent an asset for both client and supplier. RFID enables superior ROI, with positive effects for both sides.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will address each of these benefits, with practical examples.
Stay tuned!

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