Why is MEASUREMENT essential for workwear rental and laundry service management?

If in our previous articles we have seen why consultancy is crucial when setting the workwear structure for each department, regardless of your industry, let’s see how Measurement follows as the next step in the delivery process and what is the value of it.


Have you ever experienced being delivered the wrong workwear sizes, after recently signing a new contract with a workwear rental and maintenance service supplier? Did you wonder why this happened, although each of your employees was measured prior to the first delivery? Did you ever receive a standard set of workwear for each size, to have it as a comparison basis for future deliveries?   


Real case example: leading international food industry player, 2 months after signing a contract with an external workwear and laundry service provider, receives the first delivery of workwear – sizes don’t match the employees, despite going through a measurement session after signing the contract!!! –> lack of control leads not only to a difficult start of the new laundry service contract, but also to unhappy employees.


workwear measurement

At Kromatic, we are committed to transparency in the relations with our customers. Based on the initial Consultancy, we understand the Client’s need and define the optimum workwear solution. On site measurement follows for all employee sizes. Furthermore, we are able to provide tailored adjustments of all workwear items (sleeves and trousers’ length) so that your employees feel comfortable and truly enjoy the provided equipment.  At the end, we are always providing a standard set of workwear in all sizes, certified together with the Client, which remains at your premises as a control tool throughout the contract period.


The special features of the measurement services we offer – tailored workwear items and the provision of a standard workwear set for control – are generated by our production flexibility. Having a long history in the textile industry and own production capacities, without depending on a POOL stock with standard sizes, it is easy for us to provide tailored workwear items, as well as to provide the control tools to our clients. 


Proper MEASUREMENT in the planning phase should shape the quality of the future cooperation with your laundry service provider!


As a laundry company we call this Measurement for a proper workwear rental service. As an industrial company, you may call it simply – the freedom to focus on your main business.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue keeping you informed with what you should look out for and what you should consider in other components of a full workwear service: stock management & production, logistics, first workwear delivery, personal customer service & online web reporting.  Stay tuned!


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