Stock management and production – when it all starts becoming real in workwear rental and laundry services

Kromatic's workwear production and stocks

We have recently presented how Consultancy and Measurement are setting the ground for a successful workwear rental and laundry service cooperation with your company.

Today we are going a step forward –> Once the planning is properly done, the stock of workwear items needs to be effectively prepared, which in Kromatic’s case includes its direct production

Have you ever experienced a situation where, despite just starting a new contract with your laundry service supplier, the first delivery of workwear items comes with a stock which is visibly already used? Wouldn’t you have preferred to receive a stock of brand new workwear items for your employees?

There is a reason for that – with no direct production capacities, most launderers are struggling to manage a large POOL stock of existing items, with a standard catalogue, for their entire customer base. This makes it almost impossible to deliver a tailored stock of items and sometimes also difficult to deliver a stock of new items.   


At Kromatic we value the NOMINATED system and we are offering it to our clients based on the direct production capacities we have. This gives us the flexibility to produce and deliver a brand new stock of workwear items, tailored for your company’s needs – those needs we have discovered and captured during the initial Consultancy and Measurement phases. 

Our production capacity and expertise, enable us to add company or industry specific elements to your workwear items, which go beyond any standard catalogue. E.g. in the food industry, adding to the standard workwear items high visibility elements (for protection during the day), reflective elements (for protection during the night shift).

Furthermore, our production capacity comes along with textile innovation – we are the first launderer on the Romanian market to offer Tencel-based workwear items. Tencel is an innovative textile fibre with performant usage features. Please follow us during the next weeks to find out more about it.

At Kromatic, the stock we produce, deliver and then service, comes with a professional stock management system. We take contractual responsibility for securing a nominated stock buffer for each of our clients, to cover any potential changes in the client’s needs (e.g. staff turnover). This means short time delivery for new employees when needed.


The online KTS workwear management system, based on the unique Barcode identification system, offers the possibility to redistribute a workwear item from a past employee to a new employee, as it shows with 100% accuracy its lifetime status (the number of washes). Based on the efficient stock management it facilitates, the KTS system enables us to offer a very price competitive service.


As a laundry company we call this STOCK MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTION, the safeguard for a high quality and tailored workwear rental service. As an industrial user, you may call it simply – the freedom to focus on your main business.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue keeping you informed with what you should look out for and what you should consider in other components of a full workwear service: smart logistics, first workwear delivery, personal customer service & online web reporting.  Stay tuned!

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