Textiles for general use

Our Company within Kromatic Laundry Unit provides solutions to lease, clean and maintain textiles for classic, high and Luxury standard Hotels & Restaurants and SPA Centres.

After we set the quality, sizes and quantity, we purchase the linen. First delivery date will be calculated on a certain date after we sign the Contract. Soiled linen are collected and start running within our service cycle.

hotel textiles laundry services

Specialised consultancy:

  • Each of our clients is very important for us.
  • We are supporting our clients into taking the right decisions from all the possible solutions.

Kromatic Tracking System (Customer data set-up):

  • All textiles will be equipped with RFID microCIPs and specific customer data will be encoded on each.
  • The KTS hardware & software platform will trace and track the items, record and report data in real-time on the Customer Web Reports Platform.

First textile delivery:

  • Selected quality of linen is delivered on the agreed date.

Stock and Production Management:

  • We have our own production capacities for linen and garments and a generous textile warehouse – thus, we are able to supply any supplementary customer necessities in short time.
  • Textile Management in warehouse and production is based on RFID technology.

Logistic Services:

  • An intelligent Fleet Logistic Department is in running to serve our clients on a large territorial area.
  • Our trucks are equipped with GPS locators (RTLS standard – Real Time Locating System).
  • All routes are optimised by a special Route Optimiser Software.

Professional washing, finishing and handling:

  • Receptions and Deliveries are coordinated by RFID GATES and every process flow in the Laundry is managed by RFID technology.
  • Specialised washing tunnels (revolutionary technology which integrates washing, rinsing and extracting in one unit) and barrier wall wash extractors are part of our washing process.
  • Automatic finishing lines are used for linen and garment finishing.

KTS REPORTS – Customer On-Line Web Reports:

  • Data collected during receptions and deliveries, all records referring to the textiles usage level, active inventory, customer pre-orders, etc., are on-line, accessible in base of login authentication.
  • Security Ports are available. Anti-theft reports are released in real time. This gives our customer the possibility to recover stolen textile.

Personal customer assistance service:

  • Friendly Help Desk is answering any time our customers call.

Each customer has a personal assistant for his requirements.

Video presentation

To see how this state-of-the-art unit works to generate benefits for you, take a few minutes to watch our video:

KTS Overview

Kromatic Tracking System

A reliable & transparent mediator → Use and share the same information with our Client

  • Flexible reporting: active inventory, item locating, number of washing cycles, activity history, consumption volumes, etc.
  • Superior security with full protection against losses → reducing losses
  • Live monitoring of the textile usage level, enabling an economic approach on the textile items with benefits for amortization planning.
    Read more about the KTS RFID Services.

Servicii profesionale de spalatorie – Inchiriere si intretinere textile hoteliere sau HORECA. Singura spalatorie din Romania bazata pe sistemul RFID, deschisa la Brasov!

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