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We rent, wash and maintain workwear for many different types of customers, from Health Care, Heavy Industry, Electronics to all branches of the Food Industry.

We have our own Production capacities for garments


Our complete range of services

How this works …

We track and trace every item using a Bar Code system. Each piece of garment is identified by an unique Bar Code. This code will follow the item from its first use until the last one.  
We are providing our customers with special Lockers used for cleaned garments distribution. Every user from our client organisation has its own locker box (opening with unique key).Dirty garments are collected in special cabinets (special construction with antitheft protection).Our Logistic Department is responsible with the collection and distribution activities.  

Distribution locker

Dirty items collection cabinet

Integrating the Bar Code System into the value chain

We have developed the new management system by integrating the Bar Code System into our value chain.


  • A Bar Code label with unique code is assigned to every textile. This tag is read by specific equipments and the information is sent in real time to laundry unit’s servers.
  • Real-time information reading enables the KTS Platform to identify the item, provides live reports and ensures full traceability.


 How it works…

Improved control over the whole process


circle process - collection

Outsourcing laundry services
without Bar Code

  • Bulk collections means bulk deliveries without identification
  • Loss of items in the Laundry site.
  • Mistakes and reversals of items between different clients.
  • No quality control without identification
  • No traceability, inventory and records.

Bar Code
system benefits

  • Bulk collections of dirty uniforms.
  • Reading Bar Codes on the Laundry Unit; the information is sent to the Kromatic Tracking Server and it is processed with a specialized software.
  • No need to count at the client’s side for data records.
  • Significant impact on the clients which have high volumes (blocking staff for counting…)
  • Elimination of human error while counting.
 circle process - sorting

Outsourcing laundry services
without Bar Code

  • In order to avoid reversals mistakes between different client’s items, in laundry unit it is necessary to wash client’s clothes one by one.
  • Sorting operation must be done manually per client, material composition, colours, etc.
  • Manual operation (human cost and error).
  • Client individual allocation of items per washing batch/ machine OR maximum 2 clients per washing batch/ machine. Under-usage of nominal loading capacity of washing machines (70%).

Bar Code
system benefits

  • Automatic operation – elimination of staff blocking and human error
  • Automatic loading on washing machines
  • Automatic sorting and counting of items under Bar Code system.
  • Items from different clients can be washed together.
  • Optimal usage of the nominal washing loading capacity (90%).
  • Optimization of utilities and detergents consumption.

Outsourcing laundry services
without Bar Code

  • Full individual finishing process for each client, i.e. different clients cannot be mixed, under-usage of technological finishing capacity. Process fragmentation and bottleneck arising from the need to separately iron large and small items of the same client.

Bar Code
system benefits

  • Items from different clients can be mixed during the finishing process.
  • Process optimization by eliminating fragmentation and bottlenecks.
  • Bar Code system creates the possibility to finish large items from different clients at the same time, with similar ironing for small items.
  • Quality control in the line process with data records possibilities.

Outsourcing laundry services
without Bar Code

  • Wasted time generated by the need to gather all items per client before loading into transportation trucks/ time-consuming.
  • Delivery to the client based on personal handing of delivery documents in “hand-written” form, frequent human errors.
  • Manual reception at the client’s site (human errors ).
  • No records and traceability.
  • Different quantities between Reception and Delivery.

Bar Code
system benefits

  • Uniform’s bar codes are read one by one.
  • Match together uniforms collected from the same user (Kromatic Tracking System Software).
  • Uniforms coming from the same locker are grouped together in one packet.
  • Every packet receives a Bar Code label which is read when the truck is loaded.
  • Automatic Delivery Note release.
  • KTS on line web reports platform records all deliveries Notes and they are available to our clients using their username/password on the platform.
  • No ask for reception at the client’s site.


Anti-thefts protection

Anti-thefts-protectionRFID-infrastructure-at-the-Client’s-location-01We are taking full responsibility for all activities associated with it. This way we are protecting our client’s time, enabling them to focus on their business.

Security – very important, we are able to attach RFID microchips on each item and the special Security Port Devices read and protect the garments against thefts. All uniforms are identified by a Radio Frequency Identification Tag and cannot leave a protected area.

An antitheft Report will be released on On-Line Web Reports (Kromatic Tracking System Reports).



Protective & Work wear Services

All the materials which are used in our production process are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified.

We are offering Protective clothes and special services for:

  • Clothing for protection of electric devices from electrostatic phenomena.
  • Clothing to protect against heat and flame.
  • Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.
  • Protective clothing against liquid chemicals.

All these special clothing items are certified by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work-Notified Body nr. 1805, National Research Institute for Safety at Work “Dr. Alexandru Darabont”, Bucharest. Special workwear design for all Food Industry branches, respecting all requests of HACCP norms (recommended by Hohenstein Institute from Germany).

Servicii profesionale de spalatorie – Inchiriere si igienizare echipamente de lucru pentru industria alimentara (Food), industria grea, prelucratoare, sanatate (spitale, clinici), etc. Afla beneficiile codulului de baza pentru echipamente siuniforme de lucru si a dulapurilor de depozitare a uniformelor  curate , respectiv de colectare a celor murdare. Singura spalatorie din Romania bazata pe sistemul RFID, deschisa la Brasov!

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